ScanJohn Luke was discovered by Sonny Gordon and Bobby Lewis, two talent managers from Washington D.C.  They signed to rep John, who joined their short list of artists, The Sweet Things, The Satisfactions, and Peaches and Herb, all three of whom had gotten recording contracts:  The Sweet Things and Peaches and Herb with Date Records, a subsid of Columbia; and The Satisfactions with Lionel Records, a subsid of MGM Records.

Through Gordon and Lewis, John was signed to record for Indy producer Bob Crewe, who also discovered and produced The Four Seasons.  The resulting production was not picked up by any labels.

John went out on his own and worked with producers Howard Roberts, of Columbia Records; Van McCoy, writer/producer of “The Hustle,” and “Baby, I’m Yours,” by Barbara Lewis on Atlantic; and Freddie Perrin, writer/producer of “I Will Survive,” and “Reunited.”  He also recorded regional jingles for an ad firm based in Seattle, Washington.

Up to that point, John had been given material from other songwriters, none of which were able to capture John’s unique singing style.  He then decided to  embark on a career producing himself, publishing and recording his own material.

John currently resides in his home town, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he continues writing and recording his music.